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    Choose from our acts on tour in 2019 and create your own show

    Our custom made gala shows perform under the name TNT CREW. Our performers have a wide variety of acts to fit any event.

    Choose your acts, create your own show and add Lights, Sound, Stage, Multi Media and Special Effects as you please.

    Or let our experts compose a gala show your audience will remember. 

    All costumes, music, style can be custom made, duration of the acts can go from 2 till 60 minutes.

    TnT crew is Flying

    TnT crew at the Temple

    TnT crew On Fire




    Hand Balance

    Acro Duo

    Moving Pole



    Handstand Cube

    Wheel Act

    Ladder Act

    Diabolo Act

    Mono Wheel Act

    Silk Tissue Act

    Light Diabolo

    Light Wheel

    Mono Wheel

    Flying Gentlemen

    Trampoline Mission Act

    Temple Act

    On Fire Act

    Giant Trampoline

    Trampoline with video mapping

    Spring Board